Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dragon Age II Demo!

Hey just checked the web, Dragon Age II Demo is out!!

The game demo is set to be released on February 22, 2011!!

Dragon Age II is said to way out do its predecessor with faster combat, enhanced graphics and a gripping storyline. This Demo is going to show you why IGN, Game Informer and all those guys have rated this one of the most anticipated games of 2011!

The Demo takes you into the prologue where you can pick from 3 different character classes and you'll be able to learn more about Hawke's abilities. People who play the Demo all the way through will get Hayder's Razor which is a sick dwarven blade that you can carry over to Dragon Age II.

The demo is just a small testament to its entire powerful experience.

Its time to get slain.


  1. One thing that turned me off from DA was it combat. Hope DA2 will have better combat. :)

  2. I loved dragon age, the combat was a bit off but at least you had to actually be strategic or else you got stomped

  3. yeah for sure, I personally felt that combat was the one thing steady in the game. I felt that conversations were where it lacked. The overall idea is hopefully going to be refined. I like how weapons have names now, instead of "Dwarven Blade" and "Iron Sword". Hayder's Razor? Yeah that name is too legit.

  4. I love Dragon Age. One of my favorite games of 09... wait, was it 09? I can't even remember, lol.

    Definitely going to look into the demo!