Tuesday, February 1, 2011

VEVO Videos on Youtube

So I'm searching the web, looking for some music and I come across VEVO which is one of the best places for any kind of new and exciting music videos, come across the Shawn Desman video Electric /Night Like This. So between 3:38 -4:16 I cannot keep my eyes off the girl directly left beside Shawn. Like she is super hot, can't look away. So it got me wondering, they probably put that girl there, because guys like me watching the video randomly would be draw in by this smoking hot babe and made watching the video all the way through. Now I'm thinking, why did they put her there again? I have come to the conclusion that the girl is put there because she has "appeal". It just really got me thinking.

SO I was looking on the side bar and saw a link for a Kesha video. Kesha doesn't even deserve to be named. I could rant and totally criticize her but I don't want to waste my breath. Just one dumb girl, screwing with the minds of adolescences. HATE is a strong word, but I hate her. Like most stupid musical artists out there right now.

Ever heard of Jerry Sereda? Hes one of my old school teachers. Here the URL to his new song;


  1. Anonymous1/2/11 22:52

    Yeah, watching this now.. Amazing talent.

  2. I know eh! Hes too good!
    Everyone should check him out!!!

  3. Definitely a good site, it's fun finding those new ones that have everything you want